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Privacy Policy

This Privacy Policy was last modified on June 21, 2017


Ghana Diaspora Recruiter and Ghana Diaspora, (collectively, including the
services or features offered via is provided by NMB Consult
(hereinafter “Company” or “we”). We are pleased to provide a wide range of services including,
recruitment advertising, recruitment profiling, non-registered browsing and news bulleting (the
“Services”) through Ghana Diaspora Recruiter to employers, professional recruiters and human
resources professionals (collectively “Employers”), and potential employees.

In providing our Services, we collect, use and process personal data in accordance with law. At
Ghana Diaspora Recruiter, we respect your privacy rights and the preservation of your personal
data is of outmost importance to us. We are committed to ensuring that our patrons get the best
service with every visit to our site in strict compliance with the requirements of the Data
protection Act, 2012 (Act 843).

By accessing or using our online service, you are agreeing that you expressly consent to
Company’s collection, processing, use, and disclosure of your personal data as described in this
privacy policy (the “Privacy Policy”) and have also agreed to be bound by the terms and
conditions of use (the “Terms and Conditions”) pertaining to Ghana Diaspora Recruiter which
are available at


We strive in our use of the personal information you make available to us to comply strictly with
the Data Protection Act. Section 18 of the Data Protection Act makes it mandatory for; a person
who processes personal data to ensure that the personal data is processed (a) without infringing
the privacy rights of the data subject; (b) in a lawful manner; and (c) in a reasonable manner. We
are regulated by the Data Protection Commission of Ghana and you can be rest assured that your
personal information is in safe hands.


This Privacy Policy may be modified to reflect changes in our collection, processing, use and
disclosure of your personal information. The changes to this Privacy Policy are effective on the
earlier of: (i) Company providing you with notice of the changes (including by email, by posting
notice on Ghana Diaspora Recruiter, or by other reasonable means), or (ii) 14 days after the
updated Privacy Policy has been posted to or made available on Ghana Diaspora Recruiter.
Changes to this site pursuant to changes in law will take effect immediately. You agree to
regularly review the Privacy Policy in order to ensure that your knowledge of Ghana Diaspora

Recruiter’s collection, processing, use and disclosure of your personal information remains
current at all times. Patrons are advised to discontinue the use of this site if they do not agree
with any updates made in relation to the privacy policy outlined. The continuous use would be
deemed as consent to use the personal data provided as described in the updated Privacy Policy.


The extent of use and disclosure of the information provided by the Ghana Diaspora Recruiter to
other websites or third parties is not regulated by the Ghana Diaspora Recruiter. Other websites
are not bound to comply with Ghana Diaspora Recruiter’s Privacy policy and practices. You may
take advantage of the links posted on the Ghana Diaspora Recruiter, but your use of such links is
subject to the third party or websites privacy policies over which we have no control.


We match employers to potential employees; as such we advise that patrons of this platform do
their individual checks in relation to the information posted by the employers and potential
employees that patronize this platform. We cannot ascertain the veracity of the information (such
as a personal profile, résumé, cover letter, etc.) posted to Ghana Diaspora Recruiter by
prospective employees.


Ghana Diaspora Recruiter is intended for individuals who have attained legal working age in the
jurisdiction where they reside.


The information required to give the optimum service is solely dependent on the service you
patronize. Services and corresponding information required are under listed:

(a) Non-Registered Browsing

You need not be a registered member of Ghana Diaspora Recruiter to use some of our services.
We collect, process and use your Internet Protocol address and other information provided by
your browser or collected in our server logs to gather broad demographic information about you,
including your location, the domain name you used to access our site, the type and version of
browser you are using, the type of device and operating system you are using, and your Internet
Service provider. This information is used to assist to among other things administer, maintain
and improve delivery of our Services. We also collect aggregate information about how you are
using Ghana Diaspora Recruiter. This information is used by Ghana Diaspora Recruiter to
measure the number of visits, average time spent, page views, job search behavior and other
analytical and general statistics about Ghana Diaspora Recruiter and its use in order to maintain
and improve our services and does not include any information which could personally identify

any of our users. We may use third party service providers (for example, Google Analytics) to
help us collect and analyze the above information. Apart from the collection of this information
and the information described in Sections 7(g) and (h), you will always know when Ghana
Diaspora Recruiter is collecting personal and other information from you and, consequently, you
may decline to provide such information at any time.

(b) Notifier and Save Search Feature

The notifier service (the “Notifier Service”) and saved search (“Saved Search”) feature are made
available to users who have logged on to the Ghana Diaspora Recruiter website. To subscribe,
you must provide your e-mail address, establish a password and specify your language
capabilities. For the Notifier Service, you must also select the province(s) in which you are
seeking employment and specify the employment categories that apply to you. Once you have
subscribed, we will advise you, via e-mail or other means of notification, of employment
opportunities that fall within the criteria you have specified. For the Saved Search feature you
must have an account with Ghana Diaspora Recruiter and you can save up to five searches
whenever you choose and can also create a daily email alert for all new jobs that fall into that
search. You may unsubscribe from or deactivate our Notifier Service at any time by using the
applicable online function.

(c) Invite a Friend

All of Ghana Diaspora Recruiter’s employment postings have a “Send to a Friend” option. After
you have logged on to Ghana Diaspora Recruiter, you can choose to send e-mails or other means of notification
with links to a particular employment posting to close friends or family members. In order to use
this service, you must enter the e-mail address you want to send the posting to, your name and
your e-mail address. We do not collect this information (other than to technically enable the
service), or track or record this information. Before using the “Send to a Friend” tool, you must
ensure that you have received all necessary consents from your message recipients to send them
such postings.

(d) News Bulletin

The newsletter service offered by Ghana Diaspora recruiter (the “Newsletter Service”) keeps you
up to date regarding a range of employment-related topics that may be of interest to you. Should
you wish to subscribe to our Newsletter Service, you must enter your e-mail address. You may
unsubscribe to or deactivate our Newsletter Service at any time by using the applicable online

(e) Survey

Ghana Diaspora Recruiter has an online survey feature. Your participation is completely
voluntary. The information required may include your name, e-mail address and other
demographic information. Ghana Diaspora Recruiter reserves the right to disclose survey results
to our clients once the information has been aggregated and to use survey results to improve our
services and for general marketing purposes.

(f) Applying for Employment Opportunities Posted on Ghana Diaspora RecruiterTM - Personal
Profiles, Résumés and Cover Letters

Ghana Diaspora Recruiter offers a quick and convenient service to registered users who wish to
electronically apply for employment opportunities posted on Ghana Diaspora Recruiter. In order
to use this service you must register and complete a personal profile. The personal profile
includes your first name, last name, e-mail address and optional data such as town, city or state
and country. You may also choose to complete other optional personal profile information fields.
After completing your personal profile, you proceed to submit, finalize and post your résumé on
Ghana Diaspora Recruiter. You control the content of your résumé, including the amount of
personal information contained therein. Typically, a résumé will include your full name, contact
information, a summary of your work experience, education and relevant skills, and other
information that may be of interest to Employers. Finally, you may also elect to post a cover
letter on Ghana Diaspora Recruiter, the content of which you also control. In addition to
retaining control over the content of your résumé and cover letter, you also control which
Employers are provided with your personal profile, résumé or cover letter. This information is
not made available to any Employers unless you directly and voluntarily choose to make it
available by applying for a specific employment posting on Ghana Diaspora Recruiter. You may
log on to Ghana Diaspora Recruiter and modify your résumé or cover letter at any time. When
you elect to electronically apply for posted employment opportunities via Ghana Diaspora
Recruiter and forward your personal profile, résumé and cover letter to an Employer through this
service, you should expect that the entire content of your application materials, as provided, will
be reviewed and that this information may be retained by those Employers who receive it for
their own use. Before accessing the personal profile, résumé and cover letter service, you will
have to specifically indicate your acceptance of the terms upon which Ghana Diaspora Recruiter
will collect, process use and disclose the information you are submitting as described in this
Privacy Policy by clicking “Accept” where indicated or using such other method to indicate your
acceptance as may be presented. You may also save job applications and save favorite jobs
When logged in to Ghana Diaspora Recruiter.

(g) Use of Cookies

At Ghana Diaspora Recruiter, we use “cookies” to help measure the volume of visits to Ghana
Diaspora Recruiter, the average time spent using our services per visit, page views, job search
behavior and other analytical and general statistics. Ghana Diaspora Recruiter may display third-
party advertising, and our third party advertising providers may use cookies to select, customize
and display advertisements to you and to measure the effectiveness of their ads. Additional
information about how our third party advertising providers use cookies may be found in, and are
subject to, their respective privacy policies. Ghana Diaspora Recruiter and our third party service
providers also use cookies for advertisement retargeting to provide you with advertising for
Ghana Diaspora Recruiter, positions posted on Ghana Diaspora Recruiter, or employers who
have posted positions on Ghana Diaspora Recruiter, on other websites based on your use of
Ghana Diaspora Recruiter and other websites. Cookies are simple text files that Internet browsers
are configured to automatically place on computer hard drives when websites are visited.
Cookies cannot damage files, nor can they read information from your hard drive. By placing

cookies on your hard drive, in addition to the uses described above, Ghana Diaspora Recruiter is
able to recall specific information from your earlier visits, thus enabling you to avoid the
inconvenience of re-entering certain data each time you visit Ghana Diaspora Recruiter.
Adjustments can be made to most Internet browsers which enable you to decline all cookies or,
alternatively, to accept or decline cookies on an individual basis. Please note that if you choose
to decline cookies from Ghana Diaspora Recruiter, it will result in a less efficient user experience
and may also affect the functionality of certain service features.

(h) Log-in Partner User Profile Data

When you elect to log in to Ghana Diaspora Recruiter using a third-party account (including
your Facebook or LinkedIn account), we may be provided with user profile information related
to your third party account that we may use for authentication and for your profile. If you log in
to Ghana Diaspora Recruiter using a third-party account, you may also be able to access
additional features on Ghana Diaspora Recruiter that allow you to choose to leverage the
information contained in your third-party account profile to help you fill-in your profile or job
applications on Ghana Diaspora Recruiter more efficiently. When you use these features we will
collect this information from your third-party account and use it for this purpose.

(i) Social Media Sharing

Whether or not you use a third-party account to log in to Ghana Diaspora Recruiter, if you
choose to share, recommend, or endorse links or positions posted on Ghana Diaspora Recruiter
with a third party social media platform using plug-ins or features on Ghana Diaspora Recruiter
(or, depending on the social media platform, when you access or use sites generally while logged
in to your social media account), the collection, processing use and disclosure of personal
information by the third-party social media platform will be subject to the platform’s own
privacy policies, over which we have no control .


The information that we collect and that is posted by you on Ghana Diaspora Recruiter is used as
described above in Section 7, to provide you with our Services, to assist us with maintaining and
making improvements to such services and to communicate with you regarding new
developments and changes to our services. Ghana Diaspora Recruiter aggregates certain
demographic information that we gather from you and others in order to facilitate our evaluation
of the use and success of our services. This aggregated demographic information may be shared
with our clients and used for marketing purposes. At no time does the use of such aggregated
information compromise your personal information or privacy rights.

The mandate of Ghana Diaspora Recruiter is to facilitate contact between Employers and
prospective employees. By registering with Ghana Diaspora Recruiter, posting your personal
profile, résumé and cover letter on Ghana Diaspora Recruiter and forwarding your application
materials to Employers, you should expect that Employers will review and evaluate these
materials in detail and use the personal and other information contained therein to make hiring
decisions. Employers may use your personal information to contact you regarding interviews and

offers of employment in relation to positions for which you have applied.

Although Ghana Diaspora Recruiter has implemented mechanisms to ensure that your personal
profile, résumé and cover letter is only accessed by authorized Employers to which you have
chosen to provide such personal and other information, we cannot guarantee that all such
Employers will adhere to the limits that we impose on the use of such information through
contractual and other means, or that unauthorized users will not gain access to Ghana Diaspora
Recruiter. We shall take all reasonable steps to ensure the safety of your privacy, but our control
over the manner in which Employers retain and use your personal information is limited. Please
note that you are responsible for maintaining the strength and confidentiality of the password you
have chosen to access our Services. We encourage you to frequently change this password as a
further means of protecting your personal information.We may also use your personal
information for additional purposes that may be identified at or before the time that the
information is collected, or to which you subsequently consent.


The personal information you provide to us will be disclosed to authorised users of Ghana
Diaspora Recruiter, including to Employers, as described in this Privacy Policy. Ghana Diaspora
Recruiter will not sell, share or rent the personal information that you provide to third parties in
any manner except as set out in this Privacy Policy. Ghana Diaspora Recruiter reserves the right
to disclose your personal information to companies that we contract with and individuals that we
employ to carry out functions on our behalf only to the extent required to carry out such
functions. Where information is not or is no longer personal information, for example where it
has been suitably aggregated or anonymized (such as in our aggregate web analytics), we may
make additional disclosures that are not limited by this Privacy Policy. In addition, we may
disclose your personal information as required or permitted by law. We may disclose your
personal information to law enforcement agencies and private parties for the purposes of
investigating fraud or other offences, or to protect our interests or enforce our rights, or to protect
other members of the public. Ghana Diaspora Recruiter may also disclose your personal
information to legal, financial, insurance, and other advisors or in connection with the proposed
or actual sale or reorganization of all or part of our business, assets or operations, or a merger,
amalgamation or similar transaction. We may also disclose personal information as consented to
by you from time to time, including fulfilling any other purposes that are identified when the
personal information is collected.


Ghana Diaspora Recruiter takes all reasonable steps to ensure that the personal or other
information you provide to us is accurately displayed as provided. You may review, correct,
update, change or delete your personal or other information found on Ghana Diaspora Recruiter
at any time by logging into your account and following the instructions provided.

You may terminate your Ghana Diaspora Recruiter account at any time and erase your personal
profile, résumé and cover letter by sending an e-mail request to us. However, certain personal
information may continue to remain accessible to Employers if the information, such as your

name and e-mail address, was collected and stored in individual Employer accounts prior the
date of such termination. Ghana Diaspora Recruiter also retains archived account information,
such as your name and e-mail address, that is not made available to any users. Ghana Diaspora
Recruiter may also retain other personal information as permitted or required by law.

We have developed and implemented guidelines for managing personal information that is no
longer necessary or relevant for the purposes identified or that is no longer required or permitted
by law to be retained. We retain personal information only for as long as necessary to fulfill the
purposes identified in this Privacy Policy.

We offer you the opportunity to opt-out or discontinue receiving communications from Ghana
Diaspora Recruiter, including our Newsletter Service and Notifier Service using the applicable
online function.


Ghana Diaspora Recruiter has taken reasonable precautions to protect your personal information
and privacy rights. We have established appropriate physical, technological and organizational
procedures designed to secure and safeguard the information we collect.

Our employees and third parties with whom we contract to provide Services to you do not access
user information, except as a required to undertake the uses set out in this Privacy Policy. All our
employees and the third parties with which we contract to provide Services to you have been
educated regarding the sensitivity of your personal information and the importance we place on
privacy. We are committed to the protection of your privacy.


If you have any questions or comments regarding this Privacy Policy or if you have any specific
inquiries regarding our collection, processing use and disclosure of your personal information in
connection with Ghana Diaspora Recruiter, please contact:

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